FanDuel : 5 Steps To Join And Participate

Fantasy sports are slowly but surely becoming popular among sports lovers and gamblers all over the world. Although fantasy sports are associated with gambling and have raised many legality questions, most sites offering these services continue to run uninterrupted. Such a site is the FanDuel site that offers a platform for users around the world to engage in either daily or weekly sports challenges.

How Popular Is FanDuel?

draft kings reviewFanDuel has been on the spotlight due to the increasing number of participants and the amounts of money placed as stakes among the contestants. The legality of the sports fantasy site was put into question after the company raised $250 million valued at $900 million.

The company defended itself by claiming that the services they offer are absolutely legal since fantasy sports involve use of skills hence a game of skill. According to a law enacted by the Federal government in 2006, Fantasy sport was classified as a game of skill and was considered legal. This fact was compared to the concept of a “game of chance” which was classified as being illegal.

The FanDuel is rated as one of the most reputable fantasy sports sites and has appeared in several media outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The Boston Globe, and TechCrunch.

Fanduel fantasy sports website is operated by Rotowire Incorporation based in Boston and has been in operation since 2012 offering its users a variety of sports from which they can choose to contest. The leagues available for FanDuel Users include leagues in football, basketball, hockey, baseball, college basketball and football. What makes the site stand out from other fantasy sports sites is because the site has a user-friendly interface that allows the users to join easily and engage in the contests available.

FanDuel: Steps To Participate

As a matter of fact there are only five steps that a user has to complete to join and participate in the contest and these include:

1 Registering with the site. Registration is free, and it involves providing a username and email address. The process is no more different than creating a Facebook or Twitter account. The requirement is however different as the user has to be 18 years and above since fantasy sports are more of gambling. $50,000 is assigned to each participant and is used as salaries for the team players. Registration is completed by agreeing to the terms and conditions of the site that constitute a binding contract between you and the company.

2. Selecting your contest. After registration, the next step is selecting the contest that you want to participate. Contests are usually divided into two; free contests and paid contests. A paid contest can either be guaranteed or not guaranteed. For guaranteed contest, the user receives the total guaranteed award total even when the contest is not filled when it starts. For non-guaranteed contests, the contest may be canceled if it’s not filled up at the beginning but the buy-in amount is refunded.

3. Drafting the team. Drafting your team takes only a few minutes. After selecting the contest, the next step is clicking on the “Draft team” button. The pools of players available consist of players who are participating in current day game including their salaries and positions. The salary of players is matched to their individual level of skill and is deducted from the overall credited amount of $50000 that is awarded during registration. The user can modify the team severally even after submission until the contest starts.

4. Monitoring the team. FanDuel allows you to follow your team’s performance live through gadgets such as tablets and computers. If you wish to view the contests that you are participating in, you can achieve that by clicking on the “My Contests” tab located at the top of the page. Viewing the live contests allows the user to witness how his or her team is fairing in relation to the competition.

5. Winning Cash. This aspect is perhaps the best part of the whole process. Once the contest comes to an end, your account will be credited with the prize amount that is determined by a prize structure for that contest. You can choose to withdraw the credited amount or use it to enter into other contests. Withdrawal requests are processed within two business days.

It is important to note that although signing up into the FanDuel website is free, you will be required to add credits into your account if you sign up for a paid contests. Credits are added using a credit card, Dwolla or PayPal. At the start of the game, you will be offered $2 credit for free to join any contest of your choice. You will also be given a bonus equal to amount deposited. No refunds are given after funds are committed to a particular contest.